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MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets Equipment Environmental Information Sheets

Océ Material Safety Data Sheets are available online to readily assist our employees and customers in identifying and handling hazards associated with materials that may be utilized with the operation, supply, storage, maintenance or service of our printer, copier and fax equipment.

You may access the sheets by providing the Océ North America MSDS#, or the Pitney Bowes MSDS#, or Product Name. You may also insert the equipment model # for a listing of MSDS associated with a particular unit.

OcÚ North America offers Canon products as well. For Material Safety Data Sheets related to Canon products please click on the following link:   Canon Equipment

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If you have questions or other requests, please contact the Océ North America MSDS Hotline at 800-877-6232 x773-3622.

Emergency Telephone Number (800) 424-9300

In the event that there is an emergency situation related to any hazardous material or chemical for which you cannot find any MSDS or need further guidance or information, call Chemtrec (800) 424-9300. Chemtrec is a 24 hour emergency response service that will provide emergency assistance to Océ employees and customers. They have immediate access to all of Océ data sheets.

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